Board of Directors

Brud Holland

Owner, Finger Lakes Made

For 25 years, Chef Brud Holland has embarked on a collective of Finger Lakes culinary endeavors- restaurant and bakery owner, author, small-scale food processor, nonprofit fundraiser, culinary arts instructor and chef. Respected for his dedication to all things grown and made in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Brud's passion for the arts, culinary and fine, perpetuates his belief that our regional food and drink can be a quintessential FLX- inspired experience. Culminating all of this is Finger Lakes Made (FLXMade), the company Brud recently established to extend his many years of collaborative efforts with some of the regions finest "makers"-farmers, winemakers, brewers, distillers, wood & metal artists, and glassblowers. Brud is creative, artistic, dynamic, and passionate. He is always pushing the FLX experience to new and different heights.

Bill Schickel
Board Member
Larry Wilcox

Owner, Finger Lakes Artisan Foods, LLC.

After running a bakery, in the City of Rochester, for over twenty years, Larry Wilcox started a distribution operation, specializing in local, farmstead cheeses. The company now has more than a dozen cheese makers that they represent, as well as many small-scale producer items, such as sauces, baked items, and produce from the local farms throughout the Finger Lakes Region. They deliver to Wineries, Farm Stands and Restaurants, and also picks up restaurants’ compostable materials, managing to almost never mix the them up. Larry truly has food in his blood.

Larry has been treasurer of the FLCB, since 2012, and has served as treasurer for his Church, and the Greater Rochester Spina Bifida Association.

Christine Jeffries

Owner, Fast Lane Enterprises, LLC

Christine is an independent sales representative offering custom logo products and apparel for business, retailers, promotions, and special events.  She focuses on helping build brand awareness through marketing and promotional products.  Christine offers innovative and creative retail products to all businesses in the Finger Lakes region.  She’s committed to working within the Finger Lakes community and supporting local business and charitable organizations.

Kim Aliperti
Board Member

Owner, Billsboro Winery

A former Peace Corps Volunteer, Kim Aliperti co-owns and operates Billsboro Winery with her husband.  She has three children and is active in the Geneva Community with many local organizations, including FLCB, Geneva Community Projects, League of Women Voters, and the Boys and Girls Club of Geneva.

Natalie Baris
Board Member

Natalie has been manager of the Farm Store at Geneva-based Red Jacket Orchards since the spring of 2015. She works closely with all aspects of the company, as well as dozens of Finger Lakes based producers, artisans and farmers. Natalie is native to upstate New York, a graduate of State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill. Her professional endeavors always included food in one way or another. Whether she is behind the line donning a chef coat, or coordinating open-air farmers markets, food is her passion. Most recently a large part of her role at the Farm Store is curating new and exciting goods from the Finger Lakes. You can always find Natalie out exploring and learning what this region has to offer.

Dan Bell
Board Member

Growing up in Varick, NY I was fortunate to have parents that encouraged learning and growing. My mother was an elementary teacher and fostered my curiosity as a child taking me to Australia in 1997 and sending me to Europe in 2004 among various stateside road trips.

Through these adventures I have developed a curiosity for culture; food, beverages, and customs etc. With this interest, I turned to our local wine industry. In 2004 I met Tom & Susie Challen of Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery and worked there on and off until 2012. During my time there I gave tastings, helped in the cellar, in the vineyard and soaked up knowledge at any opportunity.

While toiling in the their picturesque vineyard I began taking pictures which led to shooting photos for Miranda Odell at the Seneca County Chamber ( I still work with Miranda, just at the Geneva Chamber of Commerce ). The chamber job led to others including wedding photography and commercial photography. I love shooting (and tasting!) food and beverage when I get the chance! Every day I'm excited to help shine a light on those people and businesses that make our region special.

I love to cook, play basketball and spend time on the lakes or hiking among the many waterfalls of the finger lakes. I love Geneva and am proud to be a part of that community.

Tina Miller
Board Member

Tina has recently retired with her husband from public service and returned from Africa to what has always felt like "home" since working in extension at Cornell. She is a master gardener and promoted organic horticultural as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala. She has worked for several non profits organizations and was CEO of two. Recent past employment includes a finance position at the U.S. Embassy in Belize and manager of the Ambassador's Self Help grants in Rwanda, supporting women's peace and security projects: beekeeping, pig, fish, poultry and goats projects; mushroom and coffee farming; soap and candle enterprises, and arts projects. Currently, Tina works at Keuka Spring Winery and volunteers in Penn Yan.

Victor Pultinas
Board Member

Owner, Lake Drum Brewing

I have lived in Geneva since 2005, and in this short time I have come to see Geneva and the surrounding area grow and change.  I am the co-owner of a small brewery and cidery in downtown Geneva; Lake Drum Brewing.  We have successfully been in operation for just over two years operating under a Farm Brewery license that requires us to use a percentage of NYS ingredients in our production process.  The majority of the apples that we use for our ciders come from neighboring Seneca Castle but I am sourcing as many as I can from the Geneva community as well. 

This past June my partner and I purchased a ten acre piece of property in Waterloo where we will be planting apple trees starting in the spring of 2018.  We also have three full functioning greenhouse's, one of which is currently being occupied by Maggie's Greens, (a small micro-green business).  The FLCB has great roots and great potential, and I would love to be apart of this growing organization especially as the farm/ food/ and beverage industries that surround us become more important.

Jacob Fox
Board Member
I run a business called Organix Green Industries that helps manage nutrients in agriculture and municipalities. I am a resident of Geneva NY and a lover of FLX foods. I am involved in water quality projects around the Finger Lakes and focus on regenerative resource practices.